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Message from the SUPER PRINCIPAL

Dear FCA Mesquite families and friends,

We are excited about the future for Founders Classical Academy of Mesquite! We have added an additional six classrooms this school year (last year we added ten). Our enrollment stands at over 600 students. Our sister campus, Founders Classical Academy of Dallas, needed to change its configuration from K-6 to K-2. We were glad that we could accommodate the needs of these potentially displaced third through sixth graders and welcome these students. Mr. Oscar Ortiz, former headmaster at FCA Dallas, will also be joining our staff as Headmaster. Additionally, we are adding eleventh grade to our configuration, which makes us a Kindergarten to 11th grade campus.

Our first priority is to provide a safe and orderly campus. Our campus-wide discipline plan is fair, consistent, and provides a mechanism for preventing misbehaviors as well as for dealing with disruptive behavior should it occur. All faculty members receive training in how to prevent misbehaviors as well as how to respond if a student fails to obey the teacher or our expectations.

In an effort to assist our parents and keep you informed, we have published several policy letters concerning safety, operations, and procedures. These policies can be found online at One of our big challenges is our carline. With an additional 100 students, our lines of cars will be longer. Our main concern is the proximity of moving cars to our students. Please be cautious and follow the instructions of staff on duty who are there to provide needed safety for our students. Please be patient during this time and pull forward to help close the distance between cars and thereby keep the line from extending back onto Gross Road.

We believe you will be quite happy and satisfied with the additions to our staffing. We are certain that you will enjoy getting to know these wonderful people who have a strong desire to serve your children. Our staff and faculty are ready to provide friendly and helpful customer service. Please let me know if you receive otherwise. We know that you have a choice and we are happy that you have chosen us to provide a quality education for your student. We provide a rigorous curriculum based on a strong classical education model as a part of the Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) under the direction of Hillsdale College. We do not teach to the test as is commonly the accusation made against many of the traditional public schools in the state. We do teach objective truth and we teach children to take their place in society as virtuous and moral citizens.

Looking forward to a successful and productive school year.

Ferrell Yeokum

Super Principal