"Founders Classical Academies seek to provide an excellent and distinctive classical education that pursues knowledge, promotes virtue, and prepares students for prosperous lives in a free society."


Our Mission

This Month at FCA Mesquite

“I will learn what is true, I will do what is good, I will love what is beautiful.”


School Pledge

"We provide the most time-tested methods of educating students, and, at the same time, we deliver the most cutting-edge education in America. Our students receive a classical education. Our entire curriculum is based in the Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences with a strong emphasis on civic education."

A Message from the Headmaster

Dear families and friends,

One thing I like about the school business is that we enjoy a distinct beginning and a distinct end each year. We desire a good start (of course)! You have started this year by choosing our school. We are honored that you have chosen us!

While your students have enjoyed time away from school, we have continued to invest time in upgrading our campus: painting, repairs, and organizing. Not only are we upgrading our physical structure, but we are thrilled that we have upgraded academically by adding 12th grade, finally becoming a Kindergarten through 12th-grade campus! We are planning to add to enrollment close to 100 students and anticipate total enrollment to be about 725 students. As a result of these additions, we have added three classrooms, including a new science lab (room 902).

In addition, all of our teachers have had the opportunity to enjoy additional training to assist them with updating and honing their skills. In June, sixteen teachers and administrators attended training at Hillsdale College for three to five days. In July, eight teachers attended five to eight days of training at the American Teacher Initiative in Lewisville, TX. On August 5-7, 15 teachers will receive training in English Language Arts on our campus. Then, on August 8-16, all 47 teachers, as well as all other staff, will receive training leading up to the start of school on August 19!

Further, we believe the aim of education is human formation -- to ennoble hearts and minds; to grow citizens who not only cherish rights but also fulfill obligations.

We all play a role in the lives of our precious children. For us to be enabled by you to accomplish our mission, we ask that you support us by having your children in attendance every day possible, to arrive on time (7:40 A.M.), in dress code, and prepared for the day. Thank you for choosing our school for the educational needs and well-being of your student.

Looking forward to a successful and productive school year!

Ferrell Yeokum, Headmaster

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Grades Served: K-12

790 Windbell Circle

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