Ms. Tammy Lovell

Humanities Teacher: Latin 1A, Latin 1B

Ms. Lovell is delighted to be a part of Founders Classical Academy in Mesquite. She has lived in Texas for almost thirty years. A fun fact about her is although she is a native of Louisiana, she feels more Texan than Louisianian; she says she’s even beginning to prefer cheese enchiladas over crawfish etouffee! While in Texas, Ms. Lovell has earned two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in politics and government from the University of Texas in Dallas and a Master of Humanities with a double major in English and government from the University of Dallas in Irving. She brings years of teaching experience to Founders: as an adjunct professor at Richland College, she has taught essay writing and grammar, and as a special education in-class support in the Highland Park ISD, she has worked closely with struggling students. Being a lifelong learner, she aspires to become a proficient reader of Greek and Latin. When she’s not teaching, reading, or studying, she loves horseback riding, biking, and walking on nature trails with family and friends. Her core virtues include humility and courage.