Mr. Bryan Eason

Physical Education Teacher (7-12)

Bryan Eason, 32, doesn’t know what he would be doing today if working for the Children's Defense Fund Freedom School's hadn’t come into his life.

He’s sure, though, that he wouldn’t have felt such a deep sense of purpose nor would he have known how to hone my talents to affect change. Bryan grew up in his hometown of St. Louis, where his mother is a teacher and his father is a radio announcer. Bryan now is the Head Coach at Founders Classical Academy. “The big thing I learned in Freedom Schools: You are an advocate in charge of making sure kids get to a successful adulthood and you carry that passion into the classroom.” As he has taught various grade levels at different schools in the system, he’s found students gravitating to him because of his passion, and he’s seen staff attitudes in the schools shift because of his example of servant leadership.

Bryan is organizing young people all over America as a Children’s Action Teams. They are partnering with other organizations and going door to door in poor neighborhoods to find out what resources families need and building a database. Then they will work with others to provide those resources. They are also focusing on school expulsions and suspensions that push children into the pipeline to prison. This work has grown in all the cities he has lived in such as St. Louis, MO, Jackson, MS, Knoxville, TN, Dallas, TX, and Detroit, MI.

“I’m really excited about this work. I believe if you can fix little problems, you can fix big ones.”